Mr. and Mrs. Finch in Pablo’s Backyard

The House Finch can be found in most neighborhoods in the US.  The male’s chest and head are red and he sings all year long, which makes him quite delightful in comparison to the female who sings less often and is not as colorful.

They were given an instinct to pair, male and female.  The colorful  male finch was quite active tapping on the  window pane this morning and through the early afternoon .  The female rested on the deck balcony near by.  Eventually, i’m quite sure they’ll make their nest in one of the tall evergreens in our back yard.  I hope the two construct the nest high enough in the bush so that Pablo can’t jump up and shake it down.

We celebrated Pablo’s one year anniversary in our family last week.  His loyalty and guard dog instincts are quite disastrous for the small animals who try to populate in our backyard–every little animal is chased out. Even the twittering finches nesting in the evergreens are not allowed to stay.  Pablo stands at the base of the evergreen and barks until the birds fly off.  If they don’t leave, he runs, jumps, and with his front paws hits and shakes the tree causing the nest to fall down onto the grass.

Maybe a rose bush (or two) in front of the evergreens is a very good idea!


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